New Website and Big News!

Welcome to the new Website!!! I know it has been awhile since I have updated anything, but God has been doing amazing things in my life! To start off, I would like to give thanks to Chris Nowicki who spent hours putting together this new website for me and my parents who have been largely at work in support of God's calling on my life. It's been amazing to see God pull all of this together for HIS perfect plan. So here's the big news!!!!

I have accepted a new position with Christian Surfers International (CSI). I have been asked to assist the different CSI missions in Central America and the Caribbean in support of the current Regional Coordinator of North America.  I will remain living in the Dominican Republic, but will be traveling more frequently because of my new position. I will still be working with New Missions here in the DR. As I transition into this new role, however, my main focus will be serving the different CSI nations in the region by providing visitation, guidance, and accountability.

On June 16th, I will begin a six-week bus trip through Central America in order to visit each CSI mission. I am currently fundraising for this trip and two other trips I will need to take before the end of the year. At the moment, I am short about $5,500 for these 3 trips. I will be posting photos, stories, videos, and prayer requests on this website frequently to keep everyone informed as I travel.

Please be in prayer for me as I begin this new position. In my heart, I know that I am called to serve in this manner, but am embracing this new role with a humble spirit. Your support whether in prayer, finances, or simple advice and love is not only appreciated, but necessary for my constant growth as a Christian and as a leader.

Thank you and please leave comments!