Largest Surfing Nation in the World.

CSUS Logo surfersThere are millions of surfers from around the world who need to hear the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Christian Surfers is dedicated to reaching surfers all over the world and we currently have missions in 36 different countries. There is one nation however, which has a surfing population far more numerous than the rest.

The United States of America has a surfing population of an estimated 3 million people. Some estimates even claim that there are nearly 4 million surfers in the US. That's a lot of lives to reach with the gospel! Seems a little daunting right? Well, if we weren't serving the One and Only God, it would be impossible to have a significant impact on such a large community.

CSUS Surf Expo

With that being said, God has called by name hundreds of individuals that are a part of Christian Surfers chapters all over the US, dedicated to reaching their own surf communities with the gospel. This vast army of Christian Surfers leaders is led by a staff based out of St Augustine, Florida. Emily and I were blessed to visit the home office this past month and spend time with Dean and Amy Plumlee and the amazing staff they have around them. Dean and Amy have been working hard the past 16 years as full-time Christian Surfers Missionaries in the United States. And thats right, they are leading a national army of surfers dedicated to reaching their peers with the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.

CSUS Dean and Amy 16 yrs


There are 20 chapters in the United States currently that together have embraced a discipleship model which is seeing hundreds of lives transformed every year. Each chapter is full of a leadership team of individuals who each have 3-4 surfers they are intentionally seeking relationship with. In turn, those that come to know Christ are discipled by the group and local church and encouraged to reach 3-4 of their peers with the gospel. I was amazed and stoked to hear about one of Dean's first disciples who was discipling another, who was discipling another! Thats four generations of disciples through Christian Surfers.

So is it impossible to reach 3 million surfers? No way. God is using individuals and chapters all over the US in order to see these surfers come to know Jesus. And there's much more to do!

Are you a surfer in the US? Is he calling you to reach your peers? Consider becoming part of a CSUS chapter or consider starting a CS chapter at your local beach!

Not a surfer, but want to help? Consider becoming a prayer and financial partner with CSUS. They're trying to raise $10,000 dollars to help launch new chapters in the coming year.