Profe, are you a millionaire?

Believe it or not, one of my students asked me that question not long ago! I bribed promised my students a party when they could read independently for 15 minutes without losing focus, and right before Christmas, they earned their party! I've put a few photos in this post that give you a glimpse of what our room looks like during our daily "Read to Self" time.


For me, spending $15 to throw my students a party does not qualify me as a millionaire, but my ability to do that is a luxury in this country. So I assured my students that no, I am not a millionaire, and then I got to explain to them that I, like them, have sponsors who support me while I work at the school. So just like their sponsors help them go to school, my sponsors help me do things like buy new books for our class, get to and from school every day, and throw my students parties! Since our school has a strong child sponsorship program, my kids understood what I meant. 


Their response? "You should be sure to say a BIIIIIIIIIG THANK YOU to your sponsors!"On party day, the kids came into school and I told them that we were going to watch Curious George. I then proceeded to tell them what I had brought them for their party: cookies, apples, juice, and a homemade cake. Their eyes got wide, they cheered, and one little boy asked, "Profe, are you a millionaire?" "No, why do you think that?" "Because you brought us SO MUCH STUFF for our party!"

IMG_4609After 6 1/2 years on the mission field, I am well aware that I literally could not be here if it weren't for you, my supporters, who faithfully give financially and uphold me in prayer. Living on support means learning to be a good steward and living within a small budget because we want to be responsible with your gifts. But it also means that when the opportunity arises to encourage others and invest in their lives, we are able to give (or throw a party!) as we feel led by the Holy Spirit because God uses you to provide for our financial needs. So thank you. A BIIIIIIIIG thank you! From my students, who are impacted by your giving in more ways than you know, and from me and Dustin, who are honored that God uses us to serve and uses you to send us.

And now, just for fun, here's a photo shoot that we'll call "the many feelings of 2nd grade" - enjoy!PicMonkey Collage