A Father's Perspective

So as many of you know, Emily and I welcomed our son into the world in August. It was an amazing experience and we are fully enjoying being parents. I've been able to stay home from my travels in order to learn how to be a dad the last few months and it's been great working from home and spending time with our little man. Emily is doing great as a mother by the way!

I wrote a little excerpt for my church's newsletter this coming month and I wanted to share it with you guys. Just a couple thoughts on fatherhood - 

On August 15th, my son was born. He came two weeks before his due date and the day he came was one of the best days of my life. I’ve learned (and I would say mastered!) the art of changing a diaper, swaddling him, and carrying him. I’ve also learned a whole lot about our God and how he loves us as a father. Allow me to explain.. 

I’ve come to understand that God really loves alone time with us. The second night of his life, my son didn’t want to sleep at all and cried off and on through the night. I remember as I would walk tirelessly through the hospital halls with a crying baby, that there was nowhere else I would rather be. I absolutely loved just being with my son and this opened my eyes to how much God just loves alone time with us! 

It’s also become obvious to me that God won’t lose his love for us. There is nothing my son can do to lose my love. In fact, in the twenty minutes that I write this, I’ve been thrown up on, changed 1 dirty diaper, and have had to walk around the house with him twice to get him to calm down. And God views us the same way. He absolutely loves us and will always love us despite all that we do against HIM. He might get angry with us at times, and rightly so, but his loving arms will always be open to us. 

The last thing that has really opened my eyes to see God as father is the immense love HE must have for us by letting his one and only son, Jesus Christ die on the cross. In a moment’s notice I would give my life for my son. There is no doubt in my mind! I may never love anyone else enough however, to allow my son to die on their behalf. And to understand that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that none should perish, but have eternal life - is just insane for me as a new father. God really loves us that much! 

May we all understand more clearly and deeply, the love that God the father has for us.