Panama and Costa Rica, February 2017

This February I was able to make a trip to Panama and Costa Rica. As many of you know, I’ve been to both countries multiple times. This voyage however, was great in the sense that I was able to see the fruit of all that God has done over the last few years. 

Panama - 

Our ministry in Panama has been strong and effective in it’s outreach to surfers. There are two strong chapters and a dedicated leadership team. We’ve been so pleased with how God is moving in this country that we are hosting our America’s Conference there this July. The America’s conference happens every other year and it functions to bring together our leaders from all of our latin america countries for training, worship, and fellowship. During my visit, I went, surveyed, and secured an action sports friendly hotel that will host this conference. The hotel is right on the water and has a skatepark, paintball field, bmx track, kitesurfing equipment, and of course a great atmosphere for us to meet together. Pretty much all of leaders are volunteers around latin america and this is our way to thank them by offering them a great experience at a very affordable price. Please pray for the America’s conference this July that God would use it raise an army of men and women dedicated to reaching surfers all over latin america. 



Costa Rica - 

Our ministry in Costa Rica is one of our strongest in latin america. With 4 chapters and a dedicated leadership team they are paving the way for new ministry ideas and methods. During my visit I joined them for their annual camp-out. There were over 115 surfers at the camp and we had 3 baptisms! It was a great time. During the camp, I was able to check up on our intern from Argentina who was spending a few weeks learning from the guys in Costa Rica and encourage him. I was also able to meet up and spend time with my regional assistant, Damián, and plan some of his travel for this year to Nicaragua and Cuba. Damián is also helping us with the America’s Conference so we were able to chat about that some as well!